News in 2017

News in 2017

Tips and News for Rethinking housing refurbishment in 2017

Find out about all the latest tips and tricks for a beautiful home refurbishment in 2017 or see london news

Refurburbishing your house?

If you are thinking about refurburbishing your house, why not go that extra mile and buy some high quality, hand made oak furniture which will last a life time and impress all of your friends, family, guests and visitors. Go to for Chris Sharp cabinets, one of the leading providers of beautiful oak furniture, including dining tables, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, TV cabinets, coffee tables and sideboards.

Something that is often forgotten about when refurbishing a room or a house is the curtains. Carpets get changed, sofas get changed, wallpaper changed, but people seem to forget about curtains. The same old curtains just seem to stay up, gathering dust, even though the pattern on them is about 20 years old and they don’t correspond with anything in the room any more. Yet curtains are a fantastic opportunity to add some colour and character to a room, and are far more noticable than you think. Click here to visit a specialist curtain website to get some ideas, or to get some curtains handmade. Curtains come in all different styles, sizes and colours, and can really add a huge amount to a room, framing the view from the window.

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